A few words to company the reader…

Elmar OjasteThe Estonian philatelic literature is not very abundant. The reasons for that are both historical and circumstantial.

Having familiarized myself with the catalogue/handbook lying on the reader's table, I had to admit that a wonderful and profound research has been carried out that continues the recent Estonian philatelic traditions. The material we are dealing with here contains the postage stamps published in the re-independent Estonia. The book has also systemized the work of many philatelists that has been published before either in contemporary internet editions or on paperback versions. A generous amount of so far unpublished material has also been added.

To sum up, this book on the reader's table shows that the Estonian community of philately and postal history researchers is alive, is viable and competent.

I wish success to this work and to future endeavours.

Sweden, Göteborg, February 9, 2014

Elmar Ojaste, also known as Wanna Matz